Twenty years ago, our Founder started Novus Consulting to provide full-service data management solutions to companies in industries such as banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, energy, commercial real estate, and oil and gas. Today, our company has grown to a team of certified IT consultants who understand that data is central to every business. The ability to manage data, generate insights, and govern data allows companies to succeed in the marketplace.
At the same time, every business is different. Successful full-service data solutions often mean making the best use of existing company technology, identify innovative and cost-effective solutions, and align with the company culture of innovation.

The Big Picture

Only with a holistic, big picture of the company’s data practices can data decisions inform long-term data governance and data compliance. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve evolved our methods to unleash the potential in every project.
Our service offerings encompass every facet of a company’s data management to help us retain the holistic, big picture while we work on projects.

 Our Process

Our current process starts with an understanding of the holistic, big picture of the company’s data practices. Then, we develop strategies, technologies, models, and reports to improve this holistic, big picture. Over time, we become the data stewards for the duration of the projects that we work on. We are often the bridge of communication for managers, developers, and users, and other stakeholders.
  • We are transparent so that we can communicate across lines of business with different stakeholders.
  • We work as a team with everyone on the project, no matter which stakeholder they work for.
  • We adhere to the motto of “whatever it takes to deliver on-time and on-budget.”
At our core, we deliver insights generated from data to our clients to optimize their business to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

What We Offer

With innovations moving at lightning speeds, we have powerful tools such as the cloud, advanced data analytics, and machine learning to allow us to improve our service offerings.
But technology should be used in the right way to solve business problems.
  • We ask the right questions at each stage of the project to reveal insights that ultimately allow the team to arrive at the best decisions.
  • We use technologies at the right time and for the right purpose so that integrity can be maintained.
We focus on data security, data integrity, and data governance to ensure that the solutions that we deliver have lasting effects across the organization.
On-time, On-budget

Our Partners

Through our diligent efforts working on high-stakes projects for our clients, we developed partnerships with leading technology partners that allow us to improve on our service offerings continuously.
We are a Silver Microsoft Partner, a leader in cloud technology, and data management solutions.
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